In 2005 I helpe…

12 Jan

In 2005 I helped organize a New Years Bash of the ages in Nashville from my then home, Wheaton, Illinois.  Friends from Illinois, Florida, California, Tennessee and beyond merged on Bernard Avenue for one beautiful weekend.  My memories of it feel cut from a dream.  Patterns, leaves, textures, community, smiles, great music and dancing.  That was when I discovered there is no place like Nashville, Tennessee.

I’ve since relocated to this great Southern city and adopted the characteristic slower paced lifestyle.  There’s a culture here of seeing people; stopping long enough to invite folks over for sweet tea on the front porch or spiced cider by the fire out back.  People have land here.  It’s untamed & wild and in the spring it’s as green as Ireland.  Creativity is encouraged over wealth – people write and read and listen to entire records straight through. It charmed me then and even after 4 years, I’m still being charmed. 

This city and it’s people are unmatched in my book.  There are so many great cities in this country.  What about yours makes it feel like home?