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Foggy Fall Morning

22 Sep

It is a foggy morning here in Nashville.  Feels good to be shrouded in a cloud of moisture – makes the morning feel mysterious.

I can not stop thinking about the HOLIDAYS!!!  I have my Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas crafts all lined up.  Last week I found my fall garland, the few owl decorations that I have, and my pumpkin candle that I bought at the end of the season last year on sale and placed them around the house – makes me so happy. This is the set-up I have in the kitchen…

Petey woke us up early this morning so I had time to make homemade pumpkin coffee creamer from Deliciously Organic before Micah brewed us a pot of coffee & headed off to work.

I had another business idea yesterday!  All inspired by this blog: Salvage Love

So, the idea is to start an Etsy/online store selling sunburst mirrors using this wall art technique.  I’m going to try it this weekend – that is, if my sister doesn’t have her baby.  She is due on Saturday! 🙂