Foggy Fall Morning

22 Sep

It is a foggy morning here in Nashville.  Feels good to be shrouded in a cloud of moisture – makes the morning feel mysterious.

I can not stop thinking about the HOLIDAYS!!!  I have my Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas crafts all lined up.  Last week I found my fall garland, the few owl decorations that I have, and my pumpkin candle that I bought at the end of the season last year on sale and placed them around the house – makes me so happy. This is the set-up I have in the kitchen…

Petey woke us up early this morning so I had time to make homemade pumpkin coffee creamer from Deliciously Organic before Micah brewed us a pot of coffee & headed off to work.

I had another business idea yesterday!  All inspired by this blog: Salvage Love

So, the idea is to start an Etsy/online store selling sunburst mirrors using this wall art technique.  I’m going to try it this weekend – that is, if my sister doesn’t have her baby.  She is due on Saturday! 🙂


Spruce Upholstery

18 Sep

Speaking of upholstery :  Check out the pilot for Spruce TV!!

A New Direction?

18 Sep

I have so many ideas!!  Anyone else feel like that?  I work a regular ol’ 9-5, anti-creative job every day doing something I am semi-passionate about but my mind is exploding with what-if’s?  I feel like I could pave a new path and really make something successful and fulfilling from scratch that would probably pay the bills just as well or better than my current gig.  My problem is: I just can’t choose!  I think one through just long enough to realize it’s going to be slow-going, hard work and I worry that I might get bored of it too quickly.  In the mean time, I get up every morning and head to a congenial office where I am compensated for the time and effort I spend at my desk, where my co-workers are pleasant and encouraging and the perks are plentiful.  Yet, I do not feel that satisfaction of a job well done at the end of the day.  I feel my talents are buried under an ever-mounting inbox of requests, .docs and .xls’.

So, without further ado, here are some of my ideas in no particular order.  Please, no idea-stealing. 🙂

1) Blog.  I love to write!  The art of phrasing a sentence and choosing colorful words to accent in the most unexpected ways is fun!  I feel a bit out of practice since my teenage years on Xanga, but I believe in no-time I could have an interesting blog that is informative and beautiful.  I could write about …

– My favorite local shoppes around Nashville (as you can see from previous posts, I attempted to begin this blog-journey not too long ago)

– The meals I lovingly make for my husband every day and the fun I have creating them.  It would be part eye-candy, part cooking lesson.

– Life.  Just life!  All of my fatalistic thoughts, my non-adventures and my complacence.  Ha! (and the crowd yelled, “Not that one! Don’t choose that one!”)

2) Cook.  There have to be lots of families around Nashville who don’t have time between soccer practice and the office to shop for healthy, whole foods and to put a delicious meal on the table for the family to enjoy together.  I would be happy to provide a service where I make and deliver meals.  It might be that I provide a hot meal on delivery day and then 3 frozen meals for the week.

3) Upholster.  This is the one that most excites me and scares me.  I don’t actually know how to do this is the thing.  It would mean lots of upfront costs on furniture, fabric, tools and lessons.  I could borrow my sister’s sewing machine that she never uses – there’s a costly purchase averted.  Oh, and I don’t really know how to sew, either.  But I’m a quick learner and I remember using a sewing machine rather well during the summers as a pre-teen at grandma’s house.  I keep trying to envision my days as an upholsterer – the fresh air of open widows in my work space, the manual labor, the hunt for each piece, choosing the perfect fabric, designing… it sound incredible.  Each project’s completion would be such an accomplishment and so fulfilling!  And how many good upholsterers are there in Nashville? (If they’re here, I have never met them!)  I think it would be a service to the community that would be valued and sustainable.  This one has potential.

I have more ideas to share later- but for now:

What kind of business ideas do you have?  How you made your business-ownership hopes and dreams a reality?  Let’s hear!


Clean vs Unclean

26 May

Clean vs Unclean Desserts.

Do you know the difference?

My husband does.

The following dessert is clean:  Coconut sorbet topped with fresh raspberries

The following dessert is unclean: Vanilla ice cream topped with raspberries

When Micah first explained this concept to me I laughed for hours at how factual the difference is to him.  Simply, some foods are clean and some are not.  It has nothing to do with washing fresh foods or keeping foods from the deep fryer – it is about how his mouth feels after he eats it.  Seriously, does anyone else think of dessserts like this?

Here’s one local business that has the market cornered on Micah’s Clean Desserts:

 Located in Nashville’s 12th South District, these popsicles are a far cry from the ice pops I sucked on as a kid.  These are homemade from natural foods and their flavors will suprise you.  Micah’s favorite:  Avacado!   My Favorite:  Banana Chocolate!

*pictures thanks to*

Nashville: How Small Town Folks Do “Big City”

24 May

There is so much left undiscovered in this town.   Living here makes me feel like I am a part of building a great southern city.  From the untamed landscape to the myriad of local businesses – I love living here and I can’t wait to show you why.