My Sweet, Sweet Valentine

16 Feb

My Valentine is a much better human than I.  My Valentine is always considering others before himself and turning the other cheek when he is treated unjustly.  He’s incredibly forgiving and when you think you’ve lost your way, he’s there to remind you what road you’re on and where the closest stream is for a cool drink and place to rest.  My Valentine is sexy.  He’s strong and handsome.  He’s got the best 5 o’clock shadow that frames his full Spaniard lips.  I used to dream of marrying a man tall, dark and handsome.  Now I get to fall asleep next to him every night and drink coffee with him every morning while I hear about his dreams.  He wrote a song once about a dream he had – click here for a listen.

Every Valentines Day for the past 6 years my Valentine has worked delivering flowers for A Village Of Flowers in Hillsboro Village.

Imagine heading up a team of 6 drivers driving 6 vans and delivering nearly 300 orders.  To bring things into perspective, a typical day involves around 20 deliveries.  He got home Tuesday night and was completely worn out.  But not too worn out that he forgot to bring home a perfect arrangement for his wife.

We sat down to a candlelit dinner of Raw Swiss Chard Wraps and spicy chips while the fireplace roared and episode 6, season 2 of Downton Abbey played.

Perfect Valentines Day.  Perfect Valentine.

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