Clean vs Unclean

26 May

Clean vs Unclean Desserts.

Do you know the difference?

My husband does.

The following dessert is clean:  Coconut sorbet topped with fresh raspberries

The following dessert is unclean: Vanilla ice cream topped with raspberries

When Micah first explained this concept to me I laughed for hours at how factual the difference is to him.  Simply, some foods are clean and some are not.  It has nothing to do with washing fresh foods or keeping foods from the deep fryer – it is about how his mouth feels after he eats it.  Seriously, does anyone else think of dessserts like this?

Here’s one local business that has the market cornered on Micah’s Clean Desserts:

 Located in Nashville’s 12th South District, these popsicles are a far cry from the ice pops I sucked on as a kid.  These are homemade from natural foods and their flavors will suprise you.  Micah’s favorite:  Avacado!   My Favorite:  Banana Chocolate!

*pictures thanks to*


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